What can Doxload do for my health.


with Doxload you collect  and store your valuable medical data for the rest of your life:

* patient files

* reports and doctor's letters etc.

* X-ray pictures

* CTs and MRTs etc.

* Dental - Scans

You can also customise your wearables with your 

Doxload app and store this data for a lifetime.


Doxload saves your data and you can access the data at any time, anywhere in the world:  change of doctor, for a second opinion or on holiday.



However, Doxload can do much more for you. Doxload is your life-long virtual doctor, offering you services to 
connect and analyse all your data through artificial intelligence (disease prevention).
Every new data that you upload in your  Doxload account can save your life.

By "matching" all your data your personal digital twin is being created. 


DoXLoad will change your life

DoXLoad will change your life - supervise Your health at all times, throughout your life